Vibrant. Sustainable. Louisville

Learn more about my record.

I grew up in Louisville and have been a member of this community nearly my entire life. I want the best for my family and all families in Boulder County and Colorado.  Learn more about my story.

I am a lifelong public servant and my experience sets me apart. I am currently leading efforts to provide new, high quality, affordable health insurance options to people in Louisville and all Coloradans. I have advised two Colorado Governors as well as senior U.S. Senators, crafting legislation and advocating to protect health coverage for everyone.  Learn more about my experience.

My Vision

A Vibrant Economy

  • Attracting and retaining local businesses.
  • COVID-19 relief to Louisville businesses totaling $1 million.
  • Expanding economic development efforts including implementing a new strategic plan.


  • Taking climate action by securing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy.
  • Expanding open space by using our open space fund to preserve and protect properties.
  • Reducing plastic bag use by implementing our new, voter approved fee.

Protecting our small town

  • Ensuring that new developments are consistent with the small town we love.
  • Preserving our historic old town through landmarking of properties
  • Fighting airport noise and excessive traffic, while promoting quiet zones.
  • Supporting the library and our historical museum while expanding opportunities to celebrate Louisville through the arts.

A Louisville for All

  • Making housing in Louisville more affordable.
  • Assisting those most impacted by the COVID-19 economic downturn, by providing utility assistance and other economic assistance through community organizations.
  • Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and promoting policies that make sure everyone is welcome in Louisville.

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