My Story

My parents moved to Colorado nearly 40 years ago. They were unemployed and had everything they owned in a U-Haul and a Chevette.  They were drawn to Boulder county by our quality of life and the promise of new beginnings.  When I was one year old, they were able to buy their first house in Louisville.

My wife, Kate, and I attended high school together in the area, but we only met after we each moved to Boston years later. We fell in love, got married, and returned to Louisville to raise our kids and be close to our families.  We are proud to be able to raise our kids in the community where we grew up.

Since receiving my PhD in Genetics from Harvard, I have devoted my career to public service, serving as a senior advisor to senior U.S. Senators and two Governors.  I have worked to create and implement policies that expand access to quality, affordable health care.  Learn more about my experience.

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