Results Matter

My experience crafting solutions to the toughest problems sets me apart. 

As a city council member, I have prioritized progressive policy solutions to take climate action, make housing more affordable, and help everyone who lost their house in the Marshall fire get back home. I have worked to protect and expand open space, and supported residents and businesses most affected by COVID-19.

As a life long public servant, I have led efforts to expand access to affordable, quality health care in Louisville and across Colorado. Working for two Colorado Governors and two senior U.S. Senators, I have fought against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. I am working to bring a public option to our community. Examples and press coverage of my work are below.

Louisville City Council

Expanding Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

Expanding COVID-19/Coronavirus Testing

Protecting Health Care Coverage

Standing up for Women’s Health Care

Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Assault from Congress

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