Elected Officials

  • Sonya Jaquez Lewis, State Senator (see statement below)
  • JD Mangat, Mayor of Lafayette (see statement below)
  • Iman Jodeh, State Representative (see statement below)
  • Ashley Stolzmann, Boulder County Commissioner
  • Cynthia Braddock, Boulder County Assessor
  • Tim Barnes, Lafayette City Councilmember
  • Tonya Briggs, Lafayette City Councilmember
  • Every member of the Louisville City Council
    • Dennis Maloney, Louisville Mayor
    • Deb Fahey, Louisville Mayor Pro Tem
    • Chris Leh, Louisville City Councilmember
    • Caleb Dickinson, Louisville City Councilmember
    • Maxine Most, Louisville City Councilmember

Neighborhood Leaders

  • Carol Callicote, volunteer for Mom’s Demand Action and Board Member of Democratic Women of Boulder County
  • Ellen Burnes, Former Chair, Boulder County Democratic Party
  • Linda Lee
  • Julie Korvash
  • Bri Lehman
  • Audrey Moller
  • Earl Hauserman
  • Cliff Smedley
  • Sherry Sommers
  • Tiffany Boyd
  • Leilani Russell
  • RJ Harrington

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