Supporters (louisville)

Elected leaders

“I know Kyle as a friend, neighbor, colleague, and constituent. He is committed to public service and good policy. I’m proud to endorse Kyle for Louisville City Council, because I know he is committed to moving Louisville forward while preserving what makes our community so unique.” – Joe Neguse, U.S. Congressman

“Kyle loves Louisville and is committed to serving the city he grew up in. We need his voice on council to continue making Louisville the best place to live and work.” – Ashley Stolzmann, Mayor of Louisville

“Kyle has worked to protect open space, take climate action, and make Louisville more sustainable. Kyle is the leader we need to keep fighting for Louisville’s environment.”Matt Jones, Boulder County Commissioner

“Kyle Brown is a dedicated public servant and brings a spirit of innovation to his work.  The people of Louisville will continue to benefit from his thoughtful and creative approach to public policy problem-solving.  During these challenging times, we need leaders like Kyle Brown in leadership.  That’s why I’m proud to support Kyle Brown for Louisville City Council!” – Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

Sonya Jaquez Lewis, State Representative

Neighborhood Leaders

  • Ryan Conrad
  • RJ Harrington
  • Earl Hauserman
  • Tamar Krantz
  • Ken Gambon
  • Marie Gambon
  • Beth McQuie
  • Jerry McQuie
  • Join our Team

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